Thinking about migrating temporarily or permanently to Australia to live and/or work? This decision is huge emotional and logistical undertaking, it is vitally important that you engage proper planning and organization to ensure smooth transition into your new life and career advancement.
By enlisting our reputable services as your qualified registered Migration Agent, we can ensure you are appropriately and correctly advised on your visa application process.
We help prepare and lodge all necessary documentation to aid the successful approval of your visa application in a timely and stress-free manner.

Our services include; providing strategic & procedural advice

• Preparation Assessment
• Preparation of Visa applications
• Lodgement of Visa applications
• Deal with Australian bodies on your behalf
i     Skills assessment body
ii     Australian immigration department

• Providing you with progress updates
• Settlement Services
i     Arrange suitable rental accommodation
ii     Arrange financial affairs / Financial Planning
iii     Arrange Loans for purchase of new home / car
iv     Tax advice and more

• Complete Employment Services
i     Job hunting
ii     Ensure you are gainfully employed prior to your arrival

At Employment Migration Australia, we take pride in our “Win:Win” mentality, endeavouring to provide you and your family with a culture of “Best Experience” in all your dealings with us.

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Welcome To EMA Group
Employment Migration Australia is an Australian Employment and Migration Agency, with a team of professionally trained Employment and Migration Consultants who are devoted to providing accurate advice and excellent service. Employment Migration Australia assists you and your family during your transitional settlement into your new life and career advancement in Australia. We take the pain and concerns out of your migration process and ensuring smooth, stress free experience.


Australia is the world's largest island country with population of approximately 22 million people, Australia is seeking genuine, talented and skilled people from all over the world to reside, develop and prosper in this country.

Australia is a unique and beautiful country known as the land of opportunity, offering you and your family carefree lifestyle filled with cultural diversity employment opportunities and riches.

Australian residences and citizens enjoy the life of shopping, museums, theatres, wineries, beautiful and endless coastlines, captivating landmarks, rich in mineral resources, and is world class in agriculture and breakthrough technology.

Australia offers you and your family a balanced lifestyle "work & play", which cannot be matched anywhere else in the world!

At Employment Migration Australia, we assist you with all aspects of Australian migration and ever changing migration laws, offering experienced and friendly advice on how to avoid potential pitfalls and stumbling blocks in the visa application process. Our Migration specialists have a wealth of experience in preparing visa applications, allowing us to present your visa application in the most favourable manner to help ensure your application is approved.

Our comprehensive service is aimed towards providing you with tailored, personalised advice and information in a cost efficient manner avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Ask yourself if you are seeking any of the following for you and your family?
Migration to Australia
Employment in Australia
Excellent weather
Friendly people
Better lifestyle
Excellent schools & universities for your children
Great place to raise a family
Fresh air, endless clear sky
Clean & safe
Peaceful multicultural society
Political stability
Outdoor lifestyle & sports
Lovely beaches and abundance ocean
Wide open spaces
Technological & sporting achievements

If you answer "yes" to any of the above and you have not registered your interest in migrating to Australia then you could be missing out on being part of this young and vibrant "lucky country", filled with fantastic opportunities.

All of our Consultants are registered with relevant regulatory body including Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and Australian Department Of Consumer and Employment Protection (DOCEP).

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